Privacy Policy

Your privacy is also important to us and you can check how we use any of your information here. You do not have to give us any of your information but if you elect to then we may use it to get in contact with you. We ask for your name, email address and phone number to complete our form.

We ask for this information for the sole purpose of getting in touch with you to discuss our services. We may also add you to a mailing list to be sent promotions or communications at a later date. Within this communication you will be given the option to unsubscribe from any future communications.

We also reserve the right to update or to alter our policy in future, by continuing to use our site you are accepting the terms of any update to the policy.


Some elements of our site may use or store cookies on your personal computer or device. This will not provide us access to your personal information.

How We Use This Information?

We keep your information secure and this will not be used for any other purposes that are not detailed within this privacy policy. This information can be used to access pages that you have already visited, which gives us the ability to improve our own website.

Does Anyone Have Access To Your Information?

The information that you provide us with may be shared with other organisations that use it to work with our standard business practices. This would be the only situation in which we would share your information with another company or individual. We will not give out your information or reveal them to other companies to add to their own mailing list.

Future Variations

In the case that our regulations or practices outlined in this policy change, we will update our website to reflect this. It is your choice if you wish to opt out of this in future. You may check our site regularly for any updates in this regard or contact us if you have any issues with the way that your data is being stored or used.


If you would like to see the information that we have on file then it can be accessed at your request. If the information therein is not accurate or you wish to have it removed then we can also perform this process for you. If you feel like we are not adhering to this privacy policy then you may get in touch with us.